Tooth pain , am I covered?

I currently have coverage and am overseas. I've started Getting a bad tooth pain, i want to go to the dentist is this something that you will cover?


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    There is provision in the TID policy to claim up to $500 AUD for emergency dental expenses.

    Can you please provide me with your name and policy number?

    Please see below for policy provisions.

    Section 1: Medical expenses
    incurred overseas
    You only have this cover if you choose the
    International or Annual Multi Trip plan.
    2. We will also pay the cost of overseas
    emergency dental treatment up to a
    maximum amount of $500 per person per
    trip following an infection or broken tooth
    and which the treating dentist certifies in
    writing is solely required for the immediate
    relief of sudden and acute onset of pain
    to healthy, natural teeth. A natural tooth is
    one that is whole or properly restored (with
    fillings only).

    You will need to obtain a report from the dentist confirming the reason for your visit and submit this along with your claim as supporting documentation. Claims can be submitted online via the TID website.

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.