I am not in australia

Hi, I am an Australian citizen who has been living and working in England for the past year with my girlfriend. We are going on a 4 month trip before we come back to Sydney and what to be covered but clearly we are not in Australia at the time of perchase and so I don't want to tick the box saying that I am. Am I to assume therefor that I cannot get cover with you.

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Hi Dominic,

Thanks for your email.

Please note that you are unable to purchase a Cheap Travel Insurance policy when you are already overseas.

You can, however, purchase a policy with our sister company Travel Insurance Direct as long as you are considered a resident.

Resident means an Australian citizen; a holder of a current and valid Australian permanent resident visa, partner/spouse visa or skilled working visa (457 or other skilled working visa); a New Zealand passport holder permanently residing in Australia:

  • with unrestricted right of entry into Australia;
  • with access to long-term medical care in Australia (not including Reciprocal Health Care Agreements);
  • who has a permanent Australian residential address; and
  • who agrees to be repatriated, if required, back to Australia under this insurance.

In order to obtain an instant quote or purchase a policy, please visit www.tid.com.au.

Should you have any further questions, please let me know.

Kind Regards,