I lost my phone

I just got back from Hawaii a week ago and a couple of days before I left I lost my Iphone. I realised it must have fallen out of my bag when I was in a taxi. I immediately called the taxi company to report it lost and they sent out a message to the taxis. I didn't hear from them so I called another two times to report it but nothing showed up. I was wondering what exact documents I need to make a claim. I don't know how to prove that I reported it to the taxi company.

Best Answer

Hi Emma,

Thanks for your question, sorry to hear about your lost iPhone.

Your policy covers you for accidental loss, theft of, or damage to your luggage and personal effects whilst they are accompanying you, and phones are automatically covered up to $700.

We are entitled to choose between repairing, replacing the property, or paying you its value in cash, after allowing for wear, tear, and depreciation. Any payment however will not exceed the original cost price of the item.

To download the claim form, simply click on this link: https://www.cheaptravelinsurance.com.au/make-a-claim

When submitting your claim, we ask that you supply the relevant supporting documentation which is outlined under each claimable section of the claim form.

Your case manager will endeavour to process your claim within 10 business days. Should any further clarification or documentation be required, we will contact you accordingly.

We hope this has helped and please do not hesitate to contact us again for further assistance.

Kind regards,