Am I covered if...?

  • flight cancellation fee

    I cancel my flight and there is a cancellation fee from the Airline or Travel Company?

  • Tooth pain , am I covered?

    I currently have coverage and am overseas. I've started Getting a bad tooth pain, i want to go to the dentist is this something that you will cover?

  • I am not in australia

    Hi, I am an Australian citizen who has been living and working in England for the past year with my girlfriend. We are going on a 4 month trip before we come back to Sydney and what to be covered but clearly we are not in Australia at the time of per...

  • Change of Flights

    Hi, I'm looking into changing my international flights. I may have to return earlier for postgraduate interviews for university courses. At the time of booking my flights, I had searched the interview dates, and booked so that I would be back 3...