Existing Medical Conditions

Cheap Travel insurance covers you for sudden illness or serious injury where the signs or symptoms first showed during the policy period. 

The policy doesn’t cover any pre-existing medical conditions.  So if you’re sick or injured while you are travelling and we find that it’s related to a medical condition you had before you left then it won’t be covered.

We define a Pre-Existing medical Condition to be
1. An ongoing medical or dental condition of which you  are aware, or related complication you  have, or the symptoms of which you  are aware;
2. A medical or dental condition that is currently being, or has been investigated, or treated by a health professional (including dentist or chiropractor);
3. Any condition for which you  take prescribed medicine;
4. Any condition for which you  have had surgery;
5. Any condition for which you  see a medical specialist; or
6. Pregnancy.
The definition for pre-existing medical conditions is in our PDS on page 8.
You can still take a policy with us if you have a medical condition, however, you are not covered for claims arising from this condition including medical, cancellation or additional expenses. The definition above applies to you, a member of your Travelling Party or a relative.

Suresave TravelClear  offer a specialist medical screening for customers who wish to cover their pre-existing conditions. Assessment takes just one phone call for most people. You may ring 1300 763 872 to be assessed; just have details of your medical history ready when you call.
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