I'm at a hospital. What happens next?

This one's easy: call our emergency assistance team:

+61 2 9234 3123 or +61 2 8256 1523

They'll talk to everyone including doctors in your hospital, your family and your local doctor if required to make sure you get the best treatment. Our assistance company deals with thousands of cases every year all around the world and stop dramas becoming crises.

Sometimes it'll be better for you to rest and have treatment where you are, in which case we may arrange for a flight for a family member to come and stay with you. If it's medically necessary, we'll arrange to bring you home.

Paying the hospital

In an emergency situation where hospitalisation and/or medical evacuation are required, assuming the Emergency Assistance team has been contacted and given authority to do so, the insurer can cover these costs upfront (subject to a covered event occurring).

If it is not an emergency situation and the costs are not excessive, then you would be expected to pay upfront and make a claim when you return home.

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