All sections of the policy have a $100 excess which means that if you make a claim, we deduct the first $100 for each event. So, if you have your camera stolen on day 2 of your holiday and you need to go to hospital on day 8 we will deduct $100 from each of these claims. If the 2 claims are from the same event ie, you are injured and your luggage is damaged in a car accident, then the $100 will be applied once.

The policy excess does not apply to the following:
  • essential items you buy because your luggage is temporarily lost or delayed by the carrier for more than 12 hours;
  • financial loss you suffer because of the loss, theft or fraudulent use of your travel documents, travellers cheques, passport or credit cards after they have been accidentally lost or stolen; and/or
  • additional costs to replace your passport or other travel documents outside Australia.
You cannot reduce the excess, even for an additional premium

Please refer to the PDS available on our website for more information about the excess and how it applies
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